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Snow Globe: Farm World game

Snow Globe: Farm World

Help a newlywed couple reunite in a parallel universe, playing the new farm simulation game under the title Snow Globe - Farm World! Being trapped in the world of Snow Globe, Kate was forced to do farming in order to raise some money and find a way to open a portal to the world there her husband is. Join the girl to help her make her farm flourishing, win the support of the locals and finally reunite with poor Robert! With its luscious graphics and cute characters, Snow Globe - Farm World is just doomed to appeal to you! Download this funny game for free, have a nice playing time!




The Farm Frenzy series has become a benchmark for both gamers and casual game developers by which we measure the quality of each new title. There is a plethora of games that are just as good or almost as good as Farm Frenzy. However, only the developers of Melsoft have managed to create a game that can not only be compared with the famous series, but also compete with it. That’s right, I‘m talking about Snow Globe - Farm World, the new farm-themed arcade game with time-management elements... Read more

Combining an excellent three-dimensional graphics with a touching story about the newlyweds locked in two different worlds, Snow Globe - Farm World is almost doomed to win your heart. According to the plot, soon after their wedding, Kate and Robert settled in a pretty house, once belonging to Robert’s grandfather, who went missing half a year ago. You’ve probably already suspected something was wrong, but our characters are too careless to think about the danger. Exploring the attic, the couple discovers a mysterious globe, shining strangely in he sunlight, and, carelessly tossing it, awakens an ancient magic, which immediately casts them to opposite worlds. As you might already guess, you are offered the role of Kate, and your task is to help the locals with their agricultural chores to enlist their help in the reconstruction of the portal and help the newlyweds reunite.

So, why have I mentioned the Farm Frenzy series on the beginning of this review? The fact is that, except of the thoughtful plot and nice cut scenes, Snow Globe - Farm World and Farm Frenzy are as alike as two peas in a pod! Your animals constantly get attacked by predators, and you need to bind them with a rope, desperately clicking with your mouse on gatecrashers until they stop moving, to protect your poultry and livestock. The animals you catch can also be sold on the local market. It also takes some time to deliver the goods to the market and get the money earned. Even the leveling system is the same that in Farm Frenzy. There is a map with several dots equal to the number of levels. During the passage of each level you get a certain number of stars, depending on how fast you manage to meet the required goals. Obviously, the faster you beat the level, the more stars you earn. These stars are needed to purchase new levels and get access to the new equipment. In other words, if you fail to get the gold medal at each passed level, you won’t be able to move further, and will be forced to repeat the level until you earn enough stars to proceed. If you hate clicky games with strict time limits, Snow Globe - Farm World is definitely not your cup of tea. Otherwise, such restrictions will make it only funnier and give you an additional incentive to fight for medals.

As for the graphics, Snow Globe - Farm World has much to boast of! Cartoonish characters are unbelievable cute, a bit simish, but pretty well animated. The backgrounds are pleasing to the eye, drawn in fantasy style, and therefore look very fresh. There also is a great awards system, which might encourage you to achieve better results at each level. In general, if you have already played Farm Frenzy, imagine that the events of this game are set in a colorful fantasy world, and its plot is slightly more complex, and you will get an idea of the Melsoft’s last creation. In my opinion, Snow Globe - Farm World is able to compete with Farm Frenzy, so it’s undoubtedly worth playing. Have a nice time!