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Soul Journey

Genre: Hidden Object

One of the main characteristics of most Hidden Object games is vivid and picturesque graphics. Soul Journey is not an exclusion. Besides complicated and intricate plot, you'll be extremely admired by its colorful Hidden Object locations. As to the storyline of the game, it begins with a horrible accident. And you, being unconscious, must struggle to survive! Your soul and mind must take the second chance for life! Download Soul Journey absolutely for free and rush into the world of your subconsciousness!

Title - Soul Journey Game Download for PC Description - Don't pass by Soul Journey, a Hidden Object game originated by Big Fish Games. Follow your soul in its long-lasting journey, when your body is in coma!




Are you looking for a hidden object game that doesn’t turn your hair gray? Soul Journey by Big Fish Games provides you with fine hidden object experience and intriguing storyline. Following a strange event, you have to get a second chance at life using only your smartness and heart. .. Read more

Firstly, we were pretty sure that with a title Soul Journey it would be of the spooky game that we have played a lot of lately. To our surprise there are no hair-raising locations, this game turns out to be quite bright and even fun. The plot for this installment is full twists of humor that even make you really laugh. This feature is extremely unusual for most games, but as we can see now some developers aren’t stale yet, still possess fresh ideas and good sense of humor.

Graphically, Soul Journey are very clear and bright, no vague backgrounds, and well-presented. That is why all hidden object scenes are nice to explore. Most items are of good size and shape, but only few objects are hard to see. For this case there are hints, which recharge at one minute. There is also a penalty for random clicks, when the cursor becomes unavailable and as usually spins around for a few seconds. The mini-games present nothing extraordinary but perfectly fit the game.

Well, hopping around from scene to scene collecting things does not sounds unique or at least challenging. However, if you are sick of outstanding but too gloomy premises like Phantom, Phantasmat, or even the Mystery Case File series, this new game product will give you a cool story and smooth gameplay. Enjoy!



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

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