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Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch

A brink between the real and the ethereal worlds is quite subtle. Do you you want to make sure of it? You'll get such a chance playing this newest game by Orchid Games. Young women set off for hitch-hiking, but this travel changes into a breathtaking adventure which is difficult to believe in. One of the friends is seriously hurt, and the women halt in the forest under an old magnificent cypress. Thus the storyline of Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch game begins. Then a ghost of a young girl appears suddenly offering her help to the friends, but she asks for help in return, too. The women have to remedy an injustice traveling through the time and different dimensions. In the course of the gameplay you will explore a neglected hotel, mend a steamer and even participate in the wedding of Native Americans!

Title - Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Review Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch, a Arcade & Action game given by Orchid Games. Find yourself in another dimension and lift the curse of the Cypress Witch!
Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch game




There has arisen something of a tradition among casual games developers of creating at least a couple of new witch-themed games each month. In May, this task was taken by Orchid Games, who has developed yet another adventure game under the title Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch. So, what are we offered this time? Let’s check it out! .. Read more

The first thing that strikes the eye as you start playing Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch is its brilliant graphics. Most locations are highly artistic, but are perfectly rendered for the context in which they appear. In addition to rich colors, high clarity and contrast, there are absolutely stunning, animated beams of light that look so realistic that you almost feel their warmth! Still, the main feature of Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch is that you can travel between the real world and the dimension of magic, exploring the same locations in both their earthly and ethereal appearances. It must be admitted, that both dimensions look pretty attractive and distinctive. As for the backgrounds, some of them are worthy to be perceived as works of art. By the way, almost each background in Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch has several quality animated elements, such as a burning fire, falling leaves, a flock of birds flying through the sky or a tree with barely swaying branches, that considerably enliven the picture and simply please your eye. In comparison with superb locations main characters look a bit primitive, but still quite acceptable. 

There are several hidden object scenes, but the majority of quest items is found right in the scenery. Most of them lie in plain sight, and you just need to pick them up and take to your inventory. Many of the actions you can perform do not affect the further course of events, so do not try to click at all you see, if it is not connected to your current task! For example, you can cover your sick friend with her jacket and overturn a vase at the hotel ground floor or simply skip all these steps and go further. In the end, nothing will change.

However, let’s go back to the classic hidden objects scenes! I haven’t noticed any dark spots in them, and they don’t look to littered too. To tell the truth, the trunk of my car looks even worse than the one from the game and I still manage to find what I need in that pile of useful stuff. Some of the objects lie in plain sight, while the others are cleverly hidden away, so that you’ll have to push something aside or switch on the light to make them visible. As for the tips, they recharge a bit too quickly, in my opinion, and provide you with too much information, showing not only the area on the screen that you need to use, but also the item you have to apply to it. In addition, there is no penalty for random clicks. The mini-games are numerous, diverse and quite addicting, still there’s nothing you haven’t seen before, thus most of them are pretty easy to solve. The inventory puzzles are so simple, that you don’t even need to think of how to get them through. If you’re a novice to the genre or simply do not like to rack your brains for hours trying to crack the next puzzle, perhaps the gameplay of Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch will pleasantly surprise you, as it seems to be pretty smooth and fun, with no backtrackings, though very simple.

As for the plot, instead of the grim story about four female friends, who got into trouble while traveling round the woods, as was announced before the game was out, we have seen a rather boring romantic story, which takes you to the past to help two beloved souls reunite in magic dimension. In fact, the story begins when the girls decide to find the mad ghost, mentioned in the last issue of the local newspaper. To be honest, these carefree young ladies, who exposed their lives in danger with no reason, evoke little sympathy, so you don’t even want to help them. Moreover, despite the fairly rapid development of events and the fact that you get drawn into the vortex of mystical events from the first minutes of play, the weakness of the plot does not allow you to take seriously what is happening on the screen, and the inappropriate background sound completely spoils the mysterious atmosphere. It isn’t bad itself, but does not fit into the mood of the game. The sound effects just drive you crazy with their repetitiveness. In addition, there is no voice acting, so you’d better mute the sound at the very beginning of the game, so as not to spoil the impression.

After about an hour of play, the focus suddenly shifts from saving the main characters to solving personal problems of the cypress witch, mentioned in the game title. To tell the truth, it turned out to be much more interesting than messing around with careless travelers, so only after about an hour of play this game finally managed to captivate me. Just imagine my disappointment when in less than two hours it all was over!

All in all, Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch has both advantages and disadvantages. Most locations are indescribably beautiful, perfectly lit and animated. It is a significant plus, but it simply gets lost against the unconvincing plot, presented in a comic book style, weak ending, the lack of voice acting and inappropriate background sound. In fact, I don’t regret the time spent, but I’m sure that I will never play it again. If you are not very picky in terms of originality of the gameplay, adore adventure games and consider yourself a true connoisseur of graphic art, perhaps you’ll enjoy it. It is not so bad in principle, although it has too many drawbacks.

8, June 2012



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