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Super Granny 6

Sandlot Games are ready to give a treat to the Platformer games fans! The new game is an eye-catching and addicting entertainment for the genuine gamers. Your pastime doesn't seem to be boring, when you'll play Super Granny 6! Lots of various game levels will surely provide you with unforgettable adventures. As you join your active and enthusiastic grandmother, you'll be involved into the whirlpool of dangers and risky events. You may chicken out, but your granny – never! She will stick at nothing, wheh her lovely kittens are in danger! You'll have to explore underground, glacial caves and impassable jungle forests! Can you be on the edge of saving kittens?

Title - Super Granny 6 Game Download for PC Description - Review Super Granny 6, a Arcade & Action game originated by Sandlot Games. Super Granny hastens for help! Leave off all your business and save your poor kittens!
Super Granny 6 game
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Super Granny 6 is another Sandlot Games’ phantasy on that lonely old cat ladies are not so ordinary and helpless as they may seem at first look. Being no longer young, the main heroine can easily jump, run, somerset and fight against evil-doer in order to save her dear cats... Read more

As you can see the main idea of this platform game doesn’t stray far from the previous installments. This delightful series continues to be a nice throwback to the old platform games of the early 80s, with their ladders and various bars, merely presented in vivid, cheerful colors and illustrations. The levels as different as possible varying from calm and logic to frantic and fast-paced. In other words, Super Granny 6 is perfect for those who are fond of platformers. This new chapter in the series will never let you down as the gameplay becomes only trickier and more intriguing, involving a lot of twists.

Though Super Granny 6 is funky, soon it becomes rather depressing. In the later levels, the gameplay tends to be too slow-moving while the locations are big and the level graphics are too unvaried. Moreover, there a lot of levels that seems absolutely irresistible. Sometimes you will wish to skip to the next level, but unfortunately all levels must be tackled.     

So, Super Granny 6 is not going to strike you with something incredible, but still is able to provide with good portion of challenge even the most experienced gamer. The developers doesn’t change much just throw more locations to expand the game length and few power-up to make the play more vary. But now the granny has her own character. She can mumble, shout, call for her kitties and grumble at trifles like any neighbor old lady. Why not give it a try!

6, April 2011


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