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The Palace Builder game

The Palace Builder

This is the a story about young architect, who wants to amaze all the France kingdom in 18th century. In the new free game The Palace Builder you will help unknown architect to create new projects and design the most beautiful buildings in the kingdom! You may download free the interesting simulation game The Palace Builder and play right now! Try to impress the Queen and French aristocracy by your aristocratic and refined taste! Good luck!



Do you believe that you have killed a great architect in yourself? Or have you just a mere curiosity what another time management game looks like? Anyway, The Palace Builder developed by PlayFirst will amaze you with its regular gameplay and nice storyline... Read more

In contrast to other fast-paced games, which rather rare can boast of well-thought out plot, this title astonished us with its simply wonderful storyline, with some twists you would not expect. The scene is laid in 18th century France, you are an architect just a beginner looking for a big break and a chance to show off your talent. Your job is to impress Queen building marvelous palaces, stables, guest houses, statues, gardens or fountains for Her Majesty.

You are to know that there are four types of workers and four different resources. Moreover, those buildings take more than just one step to be built, for example, larger palaces, take even more than four or even five steps. Each of those steps demands different workers or resources, so you really must plan your every step when building several structures at the same time.

The Palace Builder is timed, though you have plenty of time to complete the task. Thanks to that generous timer, the game seems to be quite relaxed; however, it certainly holds your attention and keeps you always busy. This title little different from others since you have several tasks to perform such as selecting the building, selecting the right human resource, and getting the materials needed.

Well, The Palace Builder is challenging enough to entertain one time management fan. But for the dated graphics, the game would be able to move to a higher level. Alas, there is no such luck! Nevertheless, why not try this fascinating game? Probably you will reveal some creative ability!