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The Tribloos game

The Tribloos

Trey the Tribloo hopelessly needs your help! All you have to do is participate in the trip over the unique land and save the village from a devastating storm in the amazing and incredible Adventure game Tribloos! The journey across the Tribloo Island is promised to be one of the most exciting and dangerous ever. But right after restoring all the villages of different Tribes you will become a true hero. Don't forget that everything on this land depends only on you! Download this game right now absolutely for free right and enjoy it. Good luck!





If you are already tired of Hidden Object games, if you are looking for something new and different, then take a look at new Time Management game The Tribloos developed by Bumpkinbrothers. It is very promising and has a chance to become a true hit! This is a good strategy/building game, a but is quite addictive, fun and very cute!.. Read more

You send out the Tribloos to collect wood and build houses and rescue other tribloos to help you. But there are other tasks as you progress. If the game ever gets very difficult or challenging - you do have a timer to judge your progress. It’s not how fast you can click that counts for this one - it’s the order in which you give the Tribloos the tasks and how many you send. Each item to be dealt with has place for a maximum number of workers: 3 for clearing wood, 2 for rescuing a trapped Tribloo, 10 for building a house, more for a sawmill and so on. If you start with 5 Tribloos, you can have up to 5 tasks being slowly done by one Tribloo each, one task being done more quickly by all 5, or anywhere in between. There are always ways of getting more Tribloos during the level too.

The Tribloos game plays quickly. With a lot of movement and bustle it is straight forward in what needs to be done. However simple it is in the gameplay, however, it is very difficult to consistently get gold and requires quite a bit of forethought and planning to pull it off.

The graphic is very simple, but nobody said it has to be great all the time. It is probably appealing for children with the cartoon style and simplicity but we really liked this game!

With 75 entertaining and interesting levels The Tribloos is a great time waster game you definitely have to give a try! We wish everyone “Happy gaming” with this game anyway! We wish Bumpkinbrothers would more game like this one!