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Them: The Summoning

Genre: Hidden Object

You are the main suspect in the murder of your friend in the new detective story under the title Them: The Summoming. But you have nothing to do with this case, haven't you? Race to figure out clues to the true murderer and save your face! As you begin your investigation, you discover that the situation is far darker and more dangerous that you could have imagined. Travel to a paranormal world, collect all hidden items, play tricky mini-games as you inquire into the matter of a strange murder. Download Them: The Summoming game absolutely for free and dive into an exciting story about trust, friendship, unfaithfulness and plot.

Title - Them: The Summoning Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Familiarize with Them: The Summoning, a Hidden Object game produced by Big Fish Games. Can you resist crime conspiracy and prove your own innocence?
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The storyline of the amazing whodunit THEM: The Summoning leads you to the world of mystery and unrevealed secrets. So imagine that after losing two close friends and being framed for a murder you didn’t commit, you vow to get to the bottom of it all.  In this Hidden Object game you are going to explore more than 40 scenes, hunt for clues and solve puzzles while staying one step ahead of a tenacious investigator who’s on your tail. A familiar spirit becomes your paranormal guide and your only ally. .. Read more

As we already know it is the first part of a planned trilogy which is mean there will be at least two new ones.  As for the graphics, it was very crispy and bright. The artwork a little too colorful like a TV that has the color turned up too high. The music changed depending on what scene you were in and suited the game very well. There is no voiceover and you can click through or skip the dialogue if you wish There are an easy and standard mode of gameplay and you can also choose to play as male or female. But there is no difference at all so we do not know why the option is there. The game plays as widescreen. After the second Hidden Object scene you will get an inventory and a not interactive map.

Some of the items are very small but as the graphic are so clean it’s possible to find all the objects. In each scene there are 10 bonus items to collect to unlock the ‘extras’ and you are then able to replay unlocked H0 or mini games.

There was an amusing Hidden object scene – before you had finished the police were rattling on the door and the dialogue said “Police, I’d better get out of here’ but I couldn’t leave till I finished the item list!” These nice little things defuses the atmosphere and may even brighten your mood!

During playing you can see all the care and attention to detail that went into the development and although the story in this telling doesn’t bowl you over, it has all the makings of something truly dynamic. Good job that worth your attention!

28, September 2011


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