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Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa

Genre: Hidden Object

Solve the terrifying mystery in new incredible and captivating Hidden Object game under the title Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa! The mysterious Time Chameleon stole one of the most famous paintings The Mona Lisa and suddenly you become the only one who can find and put it to its place. Travel through the time, visit Japan, Taj Mahal and other fantastic places. Explore beautiful locations, look for the needed items and spend time with tricky and challenging puzzles. Download Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa right now and totally for free, save The Mona Lisa before it's too late! Good luck!

Title - Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Look at Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa, a Hidden Object game produced by Big Fish Games. Travel through the time and get back the most world-famous paining!
Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa game
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Perhaps, it is quite a difficult task to keep the bar high, releasing a new game every day, and, despite my sincere respect for many of the good games Big Fish Games has released, I must admit that their latest creation entitled Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa is a horrible failure... Read more

To start with, it has an awful graphics that completely spoils the impression of the game from the very first minutes of play. Unpretentious, unsightly backgrounds, that resemble blurry photos or a novice designer’s first attempt to create a 3D image, completely discourage the desire to play further, once you’ve seen the first hidden object scene. Believe me, they get even worse as you progress through the game. There is no animation, and the characters, drawn in a simple cartoon style, look too flat to be cute.

As for the plot, despite its primitiveness, it appeared to be quite unusual and fresh. As you might already guess from the game title, the story revolves around the theft of the Mona Lisa. An elusive super thief, traveling through time with the help of his fantastic invention, the Time Distorter, that looks exactly like a cartoon laser gun, has recently committed a terrible act of vandalism – stolen the immortal creation of Leonardo da Vinci from the museum, atomized it into pieces and scattered them across time hiding in various places around the world. So, your task is to find and put together all of these pieces, traveling between the past and the present with the help of, you know it, the Time Distorter, that was so fortunately dropped by the villain and found by the agents of Interpol during their last attempt to capture him, as well as zapping his time traces using a Time Trace Zapper, another no less strange device, invented by the Interpol Technology Unit. In truth, despite the intriguing idea, there are just too many coincidences in this story for it to seem convincing.

The storytelling deserves special mention for being absolutely mediocre. The events develop very slowly, and there is an obvious lack of dialogues. In addition, most of the hidden object scenes you have to explore are not related to each other neither by theme nor by dislocation. As a result, all you have to do is to search for random items from the list, including various cans, dead roaches, birds, carrots and other unnecessary stuff, in no way related to your current job. The quest items, i.e. the pieces of the painting, are given to you automatically after you collect all the items from the list in the past and the present. You spend your time exploring these junk piles, but in the end nothing happens. You don’t get any closer to catching the criminal, no matter how many pieces you already have collected. The events do not move forward. Your boss just thanks you for your efforts and sends you to the next, even more unattractive location to search for all the same useless carrots. Can you just imagine, how irritating such situation is?

Still, it’s not the worst thing about Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa. You move through the game, jumping from one hidden object scene to another with just a couple of primitive mini games inside the game. Most backgrounds are blurry and awfully littered. However, littered is not the right word. They look like children’s collages, in which objects of different sizes are placed together, within a single image. For example, at the manager’s office at the Louvre you will find a tiny penguin sitting on the front door, in Egypt there is a giant turtle on the back of the Great Sphinx and a dwarfish zebra strolling though the windowsill. Some of the objects just hang in the air, while the others are scattered all around. Once there was a vacuum cleaner located outside the screen, so the only way to get it was to use a hint. By the way, in casual mode the hints refresh very quickly, there is no penalty for random clicks and the time limits are a bit to generous. Playing in normal mode is, obviously, much harder. Shopping lists deserve a special mention. Once, I was asked to find a brush, which turned out to be a screwdriver, and it’s not the only example. The objects do not always look as you expect them to. A mouse from the list appeared to be a computer mouse, while there was a real mouse in the same location, and I clicked it a thousand of times before noticed the second one. There also are some scenes with several hats or pairs of shoes, so when you get a task to find the one, you simply don’t know, which of them to click. An addition, some items just do not respond to your click, in the end, it is almost impossible to understand whether the item you found is correct. I know that the list of this game’s disadvantages seems to be endless, but I have to add a couple more points. Much of the objects are so tiny or blurry that you simply can’t distinguish them from the background. Finally, keep in mind, that you’ll have to explore each scene at least three times, and the objects you’ll have to find are always the same!

To crown it all, there is no voice acting, background music is unbelievably annoying and the sound effects are so irritating, that you can’t but turn the sound off after a couple of minutes of play. The only enjoyable moment in the whole game was the scene of acquaintance with your boss, when she asked you to introduce yourself, and you had to type your name to crate a new profile. This feature seems to me very creative, still it is the only thing I liked about the game.

So, if you have what to do besides playing Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa, do it! Each component of the game, from its ill-conceived plot and outdated graphics to awkward gameplay, strikes with its poor quality, so don’t waste your time, because it doesn’t worth any minute spent! Perhaps, tomorrow Big Fish Games will offer us something better…

14, June 2012


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