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Tornado: The secret of the magic cave game

Tornado: The secret of the magic cave

Genre: Hidden Object

Nature disaster is always severe and spare nobody on its way. Tornado is one of the awful nature disaster that has broken life of many people. In Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave, a new hidden object game, tornado has take away parent from their kids Amy and Tom. Can you help children reunite with their family? If so, find and ancient mysterious cave, find all clever hidden items, and crack a series of challenging puzzles. Download this fascinating adventure game,Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave, free right now!




Does anybody really understand what game in fact is? Oh no, don’t look up in dictionary! Just try to explain your own words. To my humble opinion, it should be something fun and amaze you. But often the developers pull our legs without scruple presenting us the games of very poor quality... Read more

Well, what kind of game we deal today… Let us see… Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave is a hidden object adventure game that has you playing as two teenagers who find themselves separated from their parents after a tornado. There is nothing else to do but to find hidden objects and solve a bunch of logic puzzles.

What really decorates this game are the detailed and beautiful locations. There are many scenes to investigate, from peaceful room to dark forests and mysterious caves and gloomy temples, and all these manage to be full of different items but never appear unpleasantly cluttered. There you can observe the alternation of day and night, which add realism to the game much. It’s really perfectly done, with lots of nice illustrations pleasing to the eye.

In Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave hidden object puzzles support completely adventure game style. You roam form one scene to another collecting and finding items that help you to crack   clue tasks in the game. Most of the tasks do make your brain ache, they are of average difficulty. This title is not one of those which can make you wander what to do and where to go. Even small hidden items cannot be the thing of a great complaint because you are able to use fast reloading hints.

The ability to skip puzzles, change the difficulty level, and no penalties for missclicking are also addition to Tornado: The Secret of the Magic Cave. If you have no mental energy to show off your intelligence but just want to play something relaxing, this hidden object title is for you.