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Townopolis: Gold

This build-a-lot game gives you a unique opportunity to create your own town. The citizens of your town must fell themselves comfortable, so you have to provide all the necessary services, like, hospitals, fire stations and police. In return for your excellent job, they will pay you taxes. All this money you can spend to develop and enlarge your town. The gameplay is so simple that even your small kids will master the game. Create your dream-town in the Townopolis: Gold strategy game!

Title - Townopolis: Gold Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Obtain Townopolis: Gold, a Time Management game originated by Lonely Troops. Construct a beautiful neighborhood with plenty of houses and keep your residents happy!
Townopolis: Gold game
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Townopolis: Gold is a time management game with some elements of strategy genre. It was produced by Loney Troops company. There is no actual story in the game and players are supposed to jump straight in to the gameplay. .. Read more

Your goal is to build a certain number of apartment blocks, reach a specific happiness level and attract a set amount of citizens to your town. The main challenge of the game is to manage correctly a limited cash flow. Also you have to make sure that all your citizens of the town are happy.

The gameplay in Townopolis: Gold is simple, so it won’t take too long to master the game even for a kid. We didn’t like the pace of the game cause it is too slow. You have to wait your buildings to be built, you have to wait for the income to come, wait for material shipments to show, wait for repairs to finish, wait for debris to disappear, wait to have enough cash to buy the blueprints and licenses needed to start construction works, wait for upgrades to take hold and and wait some more. All this waitings make the game extremely boring.

Well, most build-a-lot games are boring, but still there are huge armies of followers of this genre and if you are one of them you’ll like Townopolis: Gold. We hope that some day we would be able to share your excitement. Have a good time!

15, July 2009


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