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Vampire Brides: Love Over Death game

Vampire Brides: Love Over Death

Catalina is about to marry a well-off nobleman. Her father, Sir Bogdan, is mortally ill and he thinks that this marriage can save his estate. But is it meant to happen? By chance, Catalina meets a good-looking vampire Vlad who says he will cure Catalina's father if she becomes his wife. What choice should Catalina make to be happy and to save her father's life? Help the main heroin of Vampire Brides: Love Over Death make the right decisions in this exciting and challenging game!




What can make one hidden object game remarkable? A good storyline with distinguished characters will provide 70 per cent of success. Sadly, some developers like Gamers Digital forget this rule releasing lots of hopeless titles day by day. So, let us present you another wretched game under the title Vampire Brides: Love Over Death... Read more

The developer was going to get benefit of the classical tale about the beast and beauty, and their forbidden love. Honestly, we could close eye to the sad lack of originality, but could hardly stand poor quality of artwork – which is extremely important for hidden object genre. The main heroin is a good-looking girl, but the vampire looks really awful even after magic transformation. This graphical imbalance break the tale because this guy looks far from a creature any girl would like to fall in love over ears. Well, tastes differ of course!

The gameplay not only suffers from the lack of originality but is spoiled with unimaginative puzzles and mini-games that a numerous there to our great disappointment. All these tasks requires no challenge or special talents just common searching skills. Luckily, skip is available for all puzzles though.  As for hidden object tasks they are not only boring but could make you go mad because of their unrecognizable items that are always located somewhere in the very very dark corner.

Unfortunately, we like nothing about Vampire Brides: Love Over Death, excerpt for quickly rechargeable hints and skip button. Are we too cruel? No, we just want to be an effective reviewer. We recommend this game, if you are a collector of poor casual games. Vampire Brides: Love Over Death will be a real gem to your collection.   

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.2 GHz Mhz

RAM: 512 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 298 MB