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Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story

Genre: Hidden Object

Immerse yourself in the amazingly touching story of Todd and Jessica in the new brilliant Hidden object game Vampires: Todd and Jessica Story. Todd and Jessica are truly in love with each other. However there’s one obstacle that prevents them from being together: Todd is a vampire. But his sincere love made a miracle and he stopped craving for blood. Now Todd wants to merry Jessica but someone wants to ruin their happiness and turn Todd’s bride into a vampire. Help Todd to destroy the plans of villains and eventually merry his beloved Jessica.

Title - Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Become acquainted with Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story, a Hidden Object game created by AdoreStudio. Help the young vampire to reveal the secret of becoming human and merry his beloved.
Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story game


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Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story game

Vampires: Todd and Jessica's Story

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The stories about vampires have accompanied the human being since the ancient times. There is a great number of versions of vampires’ origin. In addition to that, numerous sources give the various information about their weak spots. According to some sources, the vampires are the garlic, daylight, crucifix, silver and aspen stakes intolerant. The other sources exclude some of these points. Who knows what is real within the fiction? The truth is that it is a profitable business nowadays. Some people are the big believers in the existence of vampires. So, the multimedia world have taken the occasion and released a huge segment of vampire dedicated content of all kinds. Try to remember all the appearances of these creatures of the night in movies, cartoons, video games and related merchandise. Obviously, it is beyond all calculations. Today we are going to join to this actual topic by means of describing the new Hidden Object game named Vampires: Todd & Jessica’s Story. This title is developed by AdoreStudio. Should we adore their piece of work? Let us try to answer this question... Read more

To be honest, the plot bears a strong resemblance to the recent melodramatic blockbuster named Twilight. Like it or not, but the storyline is based on a love affair between mortal girl (Jessica) and a vampire (Todd). Once upon a time two hearts, the warm and the cold one, have met each other. From the genre’s law, they were predefined to fall in love. Todd had broken of the habit of craving for blood in the name of his sweetheart. So, there was a strong love and they were going to marry. Seemingly, Todd forgot that love affair with human was utterly forbidden. Moreover, a cruel punishment would befall the one who will dare to disobey. Here, we are introduced to Zack, Todd’s former pal. Zack was angry at him because of his betrayal. Zack kidnapped Jessica and decided to deliver her from the mortal limitations and turn her into vampire. Now, Todd must escape from the Zack’s pitfall and save his beloved as quickly as possible because the time is running out. Actually, the storyline is not bad. The Hidden Object scenes are in the center of attention in this game. In the meantime, there is a less accent on adventure. So, the gameplay may be labeled as old-school and very linear. The unassuming vampire-renegade’s equipment in this game includes the following: map, notebook and inventory. There are a lot of locations with the oppressive atmosphere. Please, follow our advice and arm yourself with patience because the progression of the game is very slow. Otherwise, you will reject this game, if only you are not involved in the vampire worshipping. You will meet some Puzzles along the gameplay. They are not groundbreaking or difficult. So, even the beginner is able to cope with all riddles in the game.

The one odd thing deals with the voice overs. They are absent. The lines of the dialogs are there instead. The lack of voices is not a disadvantage, of course. However, it is quite strange and it needs to be accustomed to the speechless characters. The background music is presented by piano melodies. It plays a role of an uncanny atmosphere maker. The darkness and shadows make the same thing in a visual aspect. The cut scenes display a lack of details and wooden movements of characters. Also, the characters’ faces are almost devoid of expression. It is a pity!

Now, it is a high time to answer the question that is mentioned above. In view of all that we have talked about, we are able to say that described title does not make an impression on us! Do not get us wrong, we are not going to drive in the stake in this Vampires. We recommend it to the vampire fanbase or romantic spirits.



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