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Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

You are invited to take part in an incredible virtual adventure! Just if you start playing the newest Match-3 game Vesuvia by I-play, you'll find yourself in a mysterious and inviting atmosphere. You will be really amazed by the splendid graphics used for the depiction of picturesque locations. These backgrounds are the landscapes of an enigmatic island, where you are after your vessel has shipwrecked! This paradisiacal island seems to be uninhabited from the first sight. However, you find out later that someone here is watching you. To rescue the spellbound wildlife, to break a wicked curse and to reveal the main secret of this mysterious place – you are to cope with all this! Using your matching skills and solving baffling puzzles, which the island has prepared for you, you have to save yourself and not to become the last victim of the island's curse!

Title - Vesuvia Game Download for PC Description - Show your skills in Vesuvia, a Puzzle game created by I-Play. Don't become the next and the last victim of the cursed island of Vesuvia!
Vesuvia game





We rarely give you review on match-3 games as in most cases there is nothing to write home about. But this time around, something has pushed us to analyze this new game product from I-Play under the title Vesuvia more careful.  .. Read more

To start with, this game’s preview has impressed us favorably promising to provide with unique game atmosphere and good challenge. So, Vesunia’s plot offers a nice mystery to be revealed, and the gameplay manages to convey the fine spirit of exploration in the context of match-3 genre. The play is smooth and consistent; level by level you explore the island, crack its secret and overcome different obstacles. If you want to try this title for all it is worth, play it with a timer. If timer, however, becomes too hectic, you can always switch it back. The classical mechanic has some interesting twists to make ordinary match-3 gameplay more various. For example, the entire playfield is not available all at once. It will be revealed little by little after several successful matches. 

Much as we tried to drag something really interesting from Vesuvia, we couldn’t do it. Moreover, we have to admit that the discussed installment kins a lot to Paradise Quest. But unlike this game Vesuvia is considerably poorer designed. In some scenes, the colors seem too bright and almost hard to observe and spot. The matching is also not so enjoyable as it could have been. Its bangs and bombs effects are not very compelling, but rather plastic. Even some sounds are borrowed from Paradise Quest. As for the music background, it is pretty repetitive, not as pleasing for prolonged listening.

In the end, the production values are still not so bad, gameplay is thorough, and the storyline is inviting enough that most players will probably like to have this match-3 experience.

11, April 2011



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