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Westward IV: All Aboard

You with Anne and Henry, the heritors of the Turner Railroad Company have two difficult tasks at one time. First is to supervise the development of their company and the enlargement of the town. And the second is to find and save their father from bandits. Only you can help them to realize their dream about the family business, care for the prosperity of the town’s citizens, put the bandits into prison and make free the family’s head. Good luck!

Title - Westward IV: All Aboard Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Try Westward IV: All Aboard, a Arcade & Action game launched by Sandlot Games. Care for the prosperity of the town’s citizens and put the bandits into prison!
Westward IV: All Aboard game
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Westward 4: All Aboard by Sandlot Games invites you to visit old West and try thrilling adventures there. This sequel to Westward 3 continues the same style of the previous two games: a casual simulation and time management set in the fictional Wild West. This time around the game captures the story of the railroads, the iron horse that tamed the west. You are to play as Anne or Henry Turner, a pair of siblings with a few problems on their hands... Read more

The plot is actually rather interesting and engaging, once you manage to get into it. It is clear that the developers tried to make the game easy but challenging at the same time. In this connection the control of Westward IV: All Aboard is basically all in the click of a mouse. Move characters around, set tasks, buy upgrades, and basically perform all tasks necessary with the cursor. It’s all very simple and easily explained in the tutorials for those who have never played the game before.

Each location has its own unique scenario and obstacles to overcome, whether it is bandits, kidnappers, poor terrain, or a mayor with very sensitive ears. Each new location increases your skill level and unlocks new buildings, upgrades, and other fun things. Take time to really explore each area, as there are also fun side quests involving hidden objects, buried dinosaur bones, and lots of other surprises.

The downside is that the first few missions are extremely slow-paced and boring. After this point, though, the pace started to pick up because the option to buy new building blueprints became available, which suddenly made things more interesting in the game. In the meantime, the repetitive speech clips start to get a little old, and it’s rather irritating that there isn’t a way to increase the game’s speed during these early sections.

The graphics haven’t changed much, but are still in the beautiful 3D style. Movie Western-style music and sound effects add a nice touch to the old west feeling. Anyway, Westward 4: All Aboard is a great strategy adventure that is a lot of fun. So if you want to play an amazing game, it is time to ride the rails and enter the wild, Wild West!

9, December 2009


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