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Whisper of a Rose

Travel to the world of fairies and different fantastic creatures together with Melrose who loves to dream. Seeking happiness, Melrose steals a gadget that leads her to a happy dreamworld. But once she is there, the dreamworld turns out to be a dangerous place A mysterious fairy godmother wants to help Melrose leave. But Suddenly the fairy gets kidnapped, and Melrose has to set out on a journey to find her. This journey takes her from treetrop villages and magic castles to valentine towns and even underwater cities. Whisper of a Rose is a unique and moving strategy game with amazing characters and lots of challenging puzzles and quests. Download this enthralling game absolutely for free and have fun playing it!

Title - Whisper of a Rose Game Download for PC Description - Take a look at Whisper of a Rose, a Arcade & Action game launched by Amaranth Games. Travel to the world of fairies and different fantastic creatures together with Melrose!
Whisper of a Rose game

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Whisper of a Rose. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




Today our critical speculations are devoted to Whisper of a Rose, a new casual role playing game from Amaranth Games. If think that this is another ordinary adventure game, you are right in a way. Crowded with common puzzles and missions, though this game can be claimed as a picturesque adventure that presents itself as upraising and captivating but strikes with its incredible departure into the dreamworld... Read more

Still, if you care little for moving storyline, you can pleasantly surprised with the polished gameplay. Although there is nothing new to make you mad on Whisper of a Rose, the gameplay is remarkable for its structuredness and well-organization. Speaking of its triteness, you always have to do lots of simple moves like fetch this, find this item, move this object. One more task before you retire for the night rest, turns into another… then another… and another. In other words it can become too annoying to some impatient players. While there are many wonderful detailed scenes   with different visual gems, you will soon point out, however, that such problem as backtracking might disappoint you greatly.

The weak point of all role playing games is navigation. As for Whisper of a Rose, its navigation and interface are fine and clear. Well-thought interface makes you free from useless steps and moves. Music cherish your ears with its pleasant tunes creating the suitable atmosphere for the game. If you admire of old school role-playing games, this work is able to amuse you for a while. But if you prefer to be on the step of time and interested in modern casual adventure games, this title is not your a cup of tea. 

16, September 2010



Dead Link: Pages Torn

Expires in 1566284400

Lost Lands: The Golden Curse

Expires in 26 Aug 2019


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