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Zombie Bowl-O-Rama game

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

Would you like to play bowling with these nasty Zombies? They have seized your own lanes, and you are to send them back to the graveyard. Use them as skittles and make a cool Zombie strike when you set them up and take them down with cool power ups and tricky obstacles! Dare to play!




Let us acquaint you with Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, an entertaining arcade game by MumboJumbo, where you play bowling, and skittles are crazy zombies... Read more

To start with, dozens of ruthless zombies are falling on your own bowling lanes. As it begins you need to choose a bright character and your favorite ball with the help of which you are going to kick down the dead creatures. In order to amuse us the developers create different images such as business suit zombies, punk zombies, construction worker zombies, letterman jacket high school student zombies and more.  But they are more cartoon fun than scary, and when they do bleed it’s just green slime, not blood. After your two throws, if any zombies are left standing the “survivors” move down the lane toward you.  If they reach you, you will be attacked. You can play either with the computer or with a friend or family member.

There are plenty of trophies to unlock, a free play mode, lots of amusing bonuses, and fun zombie animations make Zombie Bowl-O-Rama a very enjoyable time-waster. Professional bowlers might be frustrated that the focus is more on using bonuses than planning careful shots. But if you want just to fool about or practice your bowling skills try this new game and defend the humanity from loathsome zombies!

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista Memory: 256 MB DirectX: 9.0 CPU: P 1.0 GHZ Video: 64 MB