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Anne's Dream World game

Anne's Dream World

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

As many little kids do, Anne has imagined herself a Dream World. Everything was peaceful and quite there until this small world became real. When Anne realized this it was already too late: evil jelly creatures attacked her village. As the creator, she's the only one who can save the world! Match your enemies in the row of three or more in this bright and colorful game, called Anne's Dream World! Rescue your beautiful land from jelly beasts’ attack!




Anne’s Dream World is a cute match3 game produced by PlayFirst. Imagine that our dreams come true… This has happen to Anne’s fantasies, and now it’s up to you to help a little girl and save her magical village from nasty Jellies... Read more

The mechanics of the game involves lining up three or more same colored jellies, but not really same old match 3. This time, jellies won’t detach immediately after being matched; instead, you have to wait for a scanning laser beam to touch an exposed part of the match, so that all attached jellies will fall down the floor of the game board. All fallen jellies will then be collected to charge up power-up globes that will aid you in solving the puzzles. Power-ups include rockets, lightning and fireballs and can be upgraded too before you start each level.

There are three modes of play in Anne’s Dream World, but you have to work through at least 20 levels of the Story mode in order to unlock Free mode and Challenge mode. Free mode lets you play until you can’t stand it anymore, and in Challenge mode, you race against the clock to eliminate the jellies and earn the required score.

Graphically, the game is polished and animated well: bright creatures, nice backgrounds and vivid colors. May be it seems a bit childish, but however we think it’s exciting and fresh enough.

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 600 Mhz

RAM: 128 MB

DirectX: 6.0

Hard Drive: 45 MB