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Battlefield Hardline game

Battlefield Hardline

Challenge between Battlefield and CoD franchises is legendary. Both game series are famous for depicting warfare through the eyes of a regular soldier. Sometimes one of these tries something new. This is the case with Battlefield Hardline. This time DICE decided to step away from large-scale military operations for a while and presented classic police versus criminals scenario. Aside from a shift in narrative, it's the same intensive first-person shooter where tactics and strategies will be applied to the police force instead of military units. Equipment and set of weapons have been changed as well to suit urban battles. Handguns, submachine guns, various grenades (lightning, smoke, and basic explosive hand-thrown grenade) are at your disposal despite the side you choose. If you're more into fighting crime, the police force is also equipped with restraint devices such as handcuffs and neutralizers in the form of electroshock guns. Tactical shields are also common for some missions. Speaking of missions, a single-player campaign includes 10 chapters akin to 80's action films and TV shows like Miami Vice. This campaign utilizes advanced AI and action-packed scripted cut scenes for your enjoyment. As usual, a multiplayer feature got the lion's share in terms of programming and entertainment. There are Blood Money, Raid, Crosshairs, Hotwire, Conquest, Rescue, and good-old Team Deathmatch modes. All of them are going to keep you on your toes and require coordination and quick decision making under risk. The bottom line here is Battlefield Hardline is a fresh interlude between successful war games and has great entertainment and competitive value.

Tags: Action, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, Shooter, FPS, War, PvP, First-Person, Violent, Gore, Tactical, Atmospheric, Crime



Minimal system requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: 64-bit (with KB971512 update)

Processor: Athlon II/Phenom II 2.8 GHz, Intel Core I3/I5 2.4GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: ATI 5770 with 1GB VRAM or better/Nvidia GTX260 with 896MB VRAM or better

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 60 GB available space