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Brrrmuda Triangle game

Brrrmuda Triangle

Do you like thrilling stories about the Bermuda Triangle? Then you will definitely have a lot of fun playing a new exciting game «Brrrmuda Triangle»! You will play the role of the scheming genius Dr.Dastradly. You spend a lot of time working on your important plot but it gets foiled! You feel absolutely devastated and come up with an extremely tempting idea! Why not take a vacation and forget about your failure? A fascinating exotic island is your destination! Unravel its mysteries and freeze everything you meet in your way! You have a powerful freeze ray which will help you cope with any difficulties in Brrrmuda Triangle! Do the ingenious puzzles and get lots of bonuses! Download this game absolutely for free and have lots of fun!




Looking for a good puzzle to try out your brain? Unfortunately, today this kind of games are in great deficit. Though developers do not give up the idea to entertain us a little bit, very few titles are able to amuse us. Thus, Brrrmuda Triangle, a new puzzle by 4 Score Games, makes a faint attempt to draw our attention... Read more

This title puts you in the shoes of the doctor, making you travel around the exotic island. Brrrmuda Triangle’s gameplay involves more than 100 levels where you are to create good triangle combinations. From the very beginning the play might embarrass you but detailed tutorials guide you through the game. Needless to point out that the levels become more perplexing and interesting as you progress through this title.

Brrrmuda Triangle will primarily entertain the fans of mosaic-puzzles who have been having no chance to enjoy good puzzles for a long time. Now they are able to try a very clever, imaginative and appropriate to the location puzzles. It is also very suitable when the mosaic puzzles are also labeled with a name at the top of the playing screen. You have no need to guess what the mosaic represents.

The game has a fine strategy portion. In spite of the classical score system, which provide you with some extra points every time when you use all of your tiles from the bottom of the screen, you are always glad to get more and more scores. Judging by simple graphics there, we can say that this point was not for the developers the most important one. However, the artwork is notable for its tidiness, pleasing our eyesight. Happy gaming!

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.0 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 18 MB