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Building the Great Wall of China game

Building the Great Wall of China

Get closer to China's most famous showplace in this new great and entertaining game under the title Building the Great Wall of China! You are about to build China's Great Wall and learn about the great Chinese culture and a lot more. Developers made this fantastic game as a mix of strategy and time management. Become a China emperor and develop your empire. Manage the constructing, look for the best resources and make everything perfect. Download for free Building the Great Wall of China and you'll have a lot of fun with this game!





We often find ourselves bored at home not knowing what game to play the next and we are tired of all the games we already beat million times. We feel the need for something more challenging , something tougher , something that forces us to think and find the solution to the problem. Then, prepare for a brand new strategy game Building the Great Wall of China by Nordcurrent. In this great new game you will find yourself facing the most unexpected issues and you will have to prove your strategic abilities. Get ready for some fun and exciting time with Building the Great Wall of China!.. Read more

The storyline takes us to ancient China where the empire struggles to fight the ‘’Nomads’’ from the north. You are supposed to finish building the Great Wall of China in exchange for Emperor’s daughter’s hand. However, this may be a very hard task, because the plot involves many twists in which you will encounter some economical and supernatural obstacles! It is a storyline that is very promising, and if you really like this game, after you download it and play, you can purchase the full version instead of the free trial version!

You will be lead through this game with a series of interesting cartoons which will spice up the game to the max and build the gameplay. In some of these cartoons you will also learn some interesting facts about the Building the Great Wall of China itself. In order to complete all the 40 levels with the best score possible you will have to show incredible planning because this game will not go easy on you. You will face a lot of problems including the need of workers having to get back to the town every time they finish a single action. But that is just one of the many challenges the great team of developers - Nordcurrent has prepared for you. You will also have to deal with thunderstorms or even dragons! They all have their own way of making your task harder to complete. Dragons will set your buildings on fire and force your workers to hide, so you will have to click repeatedly on it to get rid of it. On the other side there are trophies which you can collect, but you should bear in mind that they are supposed to distract you from the main goal and that they can be collected later on. Also, there are a lot of innovative mini-games which spice up the action a lot, like memory games and others.

The last thing we will like to review right now is graphics and the music. They are unbelievable - it’s simple as that! We haven’t seen such good quality of graphics and music in a long time! The audio-visual experience in the game Building the Great Wall of China will take you to the far continent of Asia and make you feel like the future of the Chinese Empire depends on you finishing the Great Wall! Do not miss an opportunity to experience this kind of graphics and music put together.

All together, Building the Great Wall of China is a one of a kind game. It is a strategy game that will push you to your planning limits and make you put a big amount of effort in finishing the Great Wall of China. Enjoy the great storyline, amazing graphics and interesting gameplay!