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Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills game

Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills

Genre: Hidden Object

How about deepening into the Celtic folklore and playing a captivating computer game at the same time? Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills game by ZenProducers gives you such an opportunity. You are offered the game, which is a mixture of Adventure and Hidden Object games. This fact makes Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills ever more attractive and inviting for all the players. The storyline of Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills is based in a way on Celtic legends and myths and is inspired by Irish melodies. You will certainly like its plot, which gets you follow the protagonist in her search of her brother, who is lost in the gloomy forest. In the course of your search you face another challenge – to help the high-minded guardian of Arden Forest get rid of the curse. To do this you will have to match wits with the malicious and cunning Queen of Sidhe. These and many other events will not let you be bored while playing Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills.



Have you ever come across the Banshee? Sure, you haven’t because you are reading this review now. According to Celtic Legend, the Banshee wails nearby if someone is about to die.  So we really doubt if any sane person would like to meet her. But curiosity killed the cat! Thanks to the latest game project Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hillsthanks from ZenProducers most of us (the bravest ones) can safely meet the most sombre female spirit in Irish mythology.  .. Read more

Being thrilled with the premise very much, we rush into Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hillsthanks without a moment of hesitation. This is another “save-your-brother” story though, it takes you into perfectly designed the Otherworld. We would advise you beforehand do not try to find there any sense or logic because that is a fairy world. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised with ridiculous situations which are pretty numerous there. For example, while your brother is in mortal danger, you are asked to help a fairy fix her broken nail and then find odd ingredients for her favorite soup. The tasks are far from rationality but still challenging.

Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hillsthanks is a straight hidden object adventure that proposes different methods to find the items. Some of the objects are hidden behind others which you can move out of your way. There are plenty of nice and colorful graphics which immediately involve you into creepy and spooky game atmosphere. In spite of beautiful artwork it can still take you a lot of time to identify some tiny items. Fortunately, there is no penalty for random clicking. Hint recharges quickly and mini-games are equipped with the skip button.

This new hidden object game has no technical issues, but its minor irritations (small items) we can easily overlook due to the really enjoyable gameplay. If you are free of any superstitions and do not afraid to deal with an omen of death, welcome to Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hillsthanks. Happy gaming!