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Cut the Rope

Get a fantastic experience with one of the most popular and loved games all over the world Cut the Rope! Meet this hilarious little monster Om Nom and feed him up with his favorite candies! Pass more than 250 levels, overcome all kinds of obstacles and make Om Nom happy! Bonuses and gold coins will make your gaming easier. Enjoy new gameplay mechanics and wonderful graphics and music.

Title - Cut the Rope Game Download for PC Description - Here is Cut the Rope, a Puzzle game released by Zeptolab. Make this little monster happy by giving him his favorite candies!
Cut the Rope game

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This game is also available for : iPad & iPhone


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Cut the Rope game

Cut the Rope

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It might seem that creating a top rated and favourite game is a simple task. As a matter of fact, it is quite contrary. But guys from ZeptoLab have managed to create one named Cut the Rope. So, we are going to talk about this sensational Brain Teaser in the following review. What kind of a formula do they use? Let us try to find out... Read more

We would like to begin with a short background info. After releasing in 2010 via iOS platform, Cut the Rope quickly bursts through the various charts earning a well-deserved reputation of an amusing puzzler. Zeptolab recently ported their NO.1 game to the personal computers. That is why it is time for us to make a short survey for our PC users. The subject is a first thing that we want you to recollect or become acquainted with, if some of you have never heard about this game before. A strange package is delivered with the most cutest monster inside. Opening a box, you give to Om Nom (that is his name) a great opportunity to explore the new environment. There is just one problem that prevents Om Nom from learning something new: he is always hungry. Fortunately, a feeding instruction is attached to the delivery box. Now we know that our green glutton is energized by candies. But they are not easy to get! Each candy is attached to the rope and will not be delivered into Om Nom’s mouth without making an effort. There are no changes regarding the gameplay. Expecting to become fed up Om Nom is placed in a random spot of the playground. The ropes with candies are all around the place. Your task is to deliver the delicacy right in his mouth by cutting the certain rope at the right moment. “Cutting” is simple: drag your mouse across the rope keeping the right button down. A hawser will be cut sending a candy into the free fall. The first few stages are easy to pass, but the farther you will go, the harder they become. The level is considered completed when the candy is delivered to Om Nom. This task becomes more complicated because of the barriers. Each level presents a brand-new obstacle. Such barriers as plank with spikes and eddy currents are meant to destroy the candy. In addition to this, you will have to deal with the omnipresent spiders that try to steal the candy from you. The game has an achievement system: you are given an opportunity to collect the stars. Altogether, there are three stars to get in each level. Trying to earn them could be tricky. Usually, stars are placed in hard-to-reach spots. If you miss some of them or fail the entire mission, you can restart the level pressing a proper button placed at the top right hand corner of the screen. Let us move to a section of visuals and sound effects now.

The graphic presentation is just gorgeous! Seemingly, the environment and animation are inspired by cartoons. We believe the decision to make the graphics look like that is right. It is the only possible way to deliver the mood of the game. Sound effects and music score are suitable as well.

In tote, we must note that Cut the Rope has absolutely nothing to cavil at. We suppose the truly brilliant game must contain an interesting idea as a basis, innovative game mechanics and a catchy main character with a charismatic personality. Cut the Rope has everything from this list. As for a Zeptolab’s formula, it is quite simple: they put their heart and soul into the pieces of work.



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

Expires in 1584860400

Living Legends: Bound by Wishes

Expires in 01 Jun 2020


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