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Dream Catchers: The Beginning

Genre: Hidden Object

Since your sister Mia took a teaching job at a private boarding school for girls she has kept in touch by sending hand written letters. When months go by without any contact you decide that it's time to visit her. While approaching the school grounds a dark figure suddenly obstructs the road and in an attempt to avoid the figure you find yourself plummeting into a ravine. You awake to find the dark figure standing in front you for only an instant before it disappears. To save Mia, you'll have to explore the school grounds and learn to use a mysterious amulet that allows you to enter the dreams of the residents. But why are they all sleeping? When entering another's dreams, you'll have to play by a different set of rules. Use the tools at your disposal to traverse dream worlds and save your sister!

Title - Dream Catchers: The Beginning Game Download for PC Description - Do your best in Dream Catchers: The Beginning, a Hidden Object game given by NevoSoft. Explore the school and use a mysterious amulet that allows you to enter the dreams of the residents.




A year ago G5 Entertainment along with Boon Troll Studio made a great hidden object game for computers and named it Dream Catchers: The Beginning. This free game tells us a story about the girl Mia who has gone missing under the mysterious circumstances. As your brother you go to the school where she was a teacher just to find out Mia and all her students are in a coma. With the help of magic dream catchers you get into her mind and reveal the truth about what happened and how to make them all come back... Read more

Despite the fact that the storyline is not fresh or innovative, it’s interesting and intriguing. The “dream worlds” concept is something that never stops to amaze us no matter how many times the developers choose it as the main object of their games. There’s a plenty of amazing characters, fantastic locations that look absolutely wonderful thanks to the talented graphic designers. Artwork in this game is quite impressive – locations are extremely colorful, light and dark scenes are mixed very well, bright and sharp. Soundtrack is also great – music is relaxing, charming and remarkable.

On the challenge side Dream Catchers is a standard hidden object game. You will get to explore a lot of locations, go through hidden object scenes, that are unfortunately, don’t offer anything new, solve numerous puzzles and play mini-games. In our opinion this game would have been so much better if it was more creative and challenging and lasted more than just 2 hours. But well, at least the beginners will be satisfied.

All in all Dream Catchers: The Beginning is a perfect game for those who want something easy and pleasant enough to kill free time. You can download the free game now and have a ton of fun to play it.



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