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Echoes of the Past: Wolf Healer game

Echoes of the Past: Wolf Healer

Genre: Hidden Object

For ages, the dark Warriors have been attacking the kingdom. You and your fellow Healers have always pushed them back... but this time, the Warriors were too strong! Now, you and the Elder's daughter, Mira, are all that's left of the Healer clan. You must protect Mira at all costs and restore the kingdom before evil reigns forever. But you have a trick up your sleeve – Healers are able to transform into wolves! Use this special power to help you as you undertake your dangerous journey in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.




Free games series Echoes of the Past from talented developers Orneon Limited started very well and its first installments were truly fabulous and promising. The series saw the light in 2009 and then game after game this franchise was losing its spark. Unfortunately the latest 6th chapter Wolf Healer turned to be the weakest one and kind of failed, and we think there will never be a good sequel again. .. Read more

Let’s begin with the storyline. Mira can heal everyone in the Kingdom. She has this ability to transform into a wolf using the special crystal. Now the kingdom is threatened by Dark Warriors and you must help Mira save it, but then she breaks and loses this crystal. The more you play, the more you realize how boring, weird and dull this story actually is. The opening video scene was promising, but the all the excitement faded away. The gameplay wasn’t exciting either, it was tedious and predictable. There was nothing innovative and nothing that could fire up our interest. Honestly we can’t decide about the worst part of the gameplay: puzzles or mini-games? All of them are easy, lacking interest or excitement. The only enjoyable part of the game is hidden object scenes that come in various formats and their level of difficulty is just fine.

Orneon Limited are not famous for the production of their free games for pc/mac, but despite that fact the graphics in Wolf Healer improved a lot. They got sharper, brighter, animations got smoother, there are more fancy special effects and overall the artwork is quality, though not very colorful. Music is good too, tracks are not repetitive, fit the scene and characters are also voiced well.

So, what do we have in the end? Free downloadable game with a boring and predictable storyline, the gameplay is the same, the level of challenge is not high and the entire production isn’t impressive either. We dare to say this is the worst installment in the series and probably the worst game from this developer that doesn’t even deserve to come as Collector’s Edition. Download Echoes of the Past: Wolf Healer only out of curiosity and if you get no better things to do.