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Find Your Own Way Home game

Find Your Own Way Home

Genre: Hidden Object

Are you ready to Find Your Own Way Home?! You and Ruby, the main character of this game, will discover the mystery of the disappearence of legendary frontman, from rock band REO Speeddwagon. Their new album is debuting tonight and Ruby tells to Entertainment Now about her tour with this band. Everything is good; they release the star-studded album and assiste to the party at oceanfront estate... But Kevin Cronin, the band's frontman, is missing and Ruby begins the investigation. Only you can help her to find Kevin!




Today we are the witnesses of the release of a new hidden object game - Find Your Own Way Home - created by Curious Sense. Its storyline is based on a band of has-beens that one day has disclosed a sudden disappearance of their frontman... Read more

As you have already understood this issue teems with hidden objects, puzzles and mini-games. But on this time you should have no illusions about this product since it is far cry from being a perfect game. Well, the whole mess is about a missing member of this Rock ‘n’ Roll band, and it is up to you to track him down. You begin your way with searching of different items that are spread about the scene. Honestly, most of the scenes look like a poor illustrated comic book so the objects are very difficult to find as a result. Many, though not all, of the mini-games involve music in creative ways, such balancing waveforms on a mixer, arranging audio files or following a drum pattern. Fortunately, these games don’t actually require any kind of musical talent and can be skipped if necessary. While the theme follows REO Speedwagon their fans will appreciate the ability to unlock not only photos of this singes but also a few of their tracks.

The hint system is varied, allowing you to use whichever mode you prefer. The hint meter replenishes quickly, so you can try again if you missed where the paw print flashed the first time. There is no penalty for clicks, so you can discover the hidden items either by direct observation or at random method. Unfortunately, these sort concessions cannot save Find Your Own Way Home from absolute collapse. 

The artwork is extremely poor showing nothing special or fetching. The colors are very blurry and grainy, can even begin to hurt your eyes. If the creators upgraded the graphics, it would definitely attract more players. For now Find Your Own Way Home game leaves much to be desired.