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Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Floria was a beautiful and prosperous land. One day, an evil sorcerer stole its magic power and locked it into thousands of colored tiles. The evil sorcerer was defeated, but the magic power remained locked in these tiles, and the tiles were scattered across the land. Only one who can collect these tiles can return life to this land and make it habitable again.

Title - Floria Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Amuse with Floria, a Puzzle game published by . Floria was a prosperous land until one day an evil sorcerer stole its magic power.




Welcome to Floria – one of the recent and most successful Match-3 pc/mac game for everyone! If you play this kind of games very often then you probably know how hard it is for developers to come up with something innovative and impressive. But fortunately FHR Games studio overcame this challenge and surprised us all... Read more

You travel to Floria - once a prosperous and beautiful magic world. All of a sudden the mad sorcerer cursed it by stealing its magic powers and locking them into millions of tiny colored tiles.  And now all these tiles are everywhere around the world and you are the one who collects them and return Floria to its former state. This storyline isn’t exciting but it captivates you immediately and then you just can’t stop playing.

There’s nothing new in the gameplay. The same moves, the same targets, the same ways to get the power-ups. The good thing is that these power-ups are something totally new and creative. Your main goal is to clear the required, keep in mind that each color tile can only be destroyed by matching combos of its color, not just any color tiles. The difficulty increases with every level so this game is definitely challenging. At the same time it’s a great opportunity to use your brain and strategy skills. To spice up the gameplay the creators inserted some good mini-games, which can be skipped eventually.

In addition the soundtrack and sound effects are lovely, pleasant and relaxing, graphics are crisp and colourful. Overall this game deserves 4 stars and we totally recommend it to you if you are in search of something really fun and creative. Floria is a great fun pc game to play, give it a try.



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

Expires in 1584860400

Living Legends: Bound by Wishes

Expires in 01 Jun 2020


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