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Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Find your twin in new captivating Hidden Object adventure under the title Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward! Your brother's necklace that he never took off is the only on thing that could help you to track him down. Search for the clues in an abandoned hotel, explore the scenes and find all the items. Solve all the challenging puzzles before you discover the terrifying truth in Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward. Download this amazing edition totally for free, enjoy the graphic, music and exciting gameplay. Good luck!

Title - Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Collector's Edition Game Download for PC Description - Obtain Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Collector's Edition, a Hidden Object game projected by Big Fish Games. Uncover the mystery of your brother disappearance and save him before it's too late!
Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Collector's Edition game

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Perhaps, summer is not the time to play creepy games. When the sun shines brightly through the window from early morning until late at night, and the birds stop singing their merry songs only when it gets completely dark, it’s pretty difficult to immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of the next haunted mansion and keep track of what’s happening on the screen. And yet, if you’re willing to try out your concentration, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward, the new Hidden Object Adventure game by Specialbit Studio, is ready to dispel your boredom!.. Read more

Based on a short novel written by H.P. Lovecraft almost a hundred years ago, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward promises to take you to an exciting adventure, full of dark magic, fear and unpleasant surprises. After the mysterious disappearance of Charles Dexter Ward, the main heroine, his unknown twin sister, receives a parcel containing his necklace, and decides to follow the return address in order to find the sender and find out what happened to Charles. As you can probably guess from the title, her destination turns out to be an abandoned hotel with spooky gargoyle statues, ominous altars and sinister dark shadows, scurrying all around. If you have already read the book, the further development of events may seem to you a bit predictable, even though it differs slightly from that of the book. In fact, the adaptation proved to be very worthwhile. The developers have made this story more personal, allowing you to play as Charles’s loving sister, ready to risk her life to save her dear brother, and yet afraid of the darkness and snakes. Cues given by the protagonist on the items you find and areas you explore add much to the already eerie atmosphere, creating the impression that you explore the world together.

In truth, the graphics is far from being perfect, but it’s definitely not bad. Most locations are depicted in gloomy colors, which are fully consistent with the mood of the game. The background images are crisp, and yet we have a few complaints. First, the contrast is a bit overdone, resulting in the blacks being too black, and the whites being too white. If your monitor has a limited viewing angle, you’ll have to move closer to the monitor and change the viewing angle to discern the darkest spots. Second, some locations look a bit flat, but in general quite acceptable. Beautiful animation of clouds, the swaying trees and flames blazing in a fireplace, in conjunction with the flickering light significantly enliven the image by adding realism and depth to the scenery. In addition, there are quite a lot of short average quality cutscenes, which nevertheless make the game more dynamic and entertaining.

The hidden object scenes are also quite picturesque. They are well lit and not as littered as usual, though filled with all sorts of useless stuff. Some items are in plain sight, while the others are cleverly camouflaged in the drawings or behind the other items. The shopping list is generated randomly, but keep in mind that some of the items may recur from scene to scene, so that pretty soon you will be able to find them at a glance. In my case, it was a green caterpillar, which was haunting me for three hidden object scenes. Surprisingly, even in casual mode there is a penalty for random clicking. The hints recharge quickly, and work both in the hidden object scenes and during the exploration of the game world. In the first case, you will be prompted to select an item from the list that will be highlighted for a couple of seconds. In the second case, you’ll get a text hint on one of the actions you can perform at the moment.

As for the puzzles, most of them will make you rack your brains. Some conundrums are very hard, although there are several quite unpretentious puzzles and mini-games that require lightning fast response, and not a sharp logic. After a certain amount of time you may skip any mini-game by pressing the appropriate button. Still, we strongly recommend you not to do so, as you won’t be able to return to puzzles you have skipped, and therefore will miss a lot of fun. In addition, taking into account that the developers have allowed you to freely explore the game world, you will have to remember all the active areas you encounter in order to return to them, once you find the required tools.

There is no dialogue in the game. The phrases spoken by the main character are always concise and appropriate, and the cutscenes are eloquent enough to do without further description of the events. Game tutorial deserves a special mention. At the very beginning, you will be asked whether you want to receive instructions in the course of the game. If you agree, the tips will pop up as you progress through the game, i.e. you will be told how to combine items inside of your inventory no earlier than you find them, and so on.

In addition to flawless gameplay, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward can boasts of a pleasant background music and very ominous, though a little annoying, sound effects, which create a gloomy atmosphere. Squeaks, rustlings, indistinct hum chase you throughout the game, making you occasionally jump in your chair from fear and unexpectedness. Add to that the sudden appearance of an animated black cloud that locks the doors, tears the wires, and tries to hurt you in any possible way, and you’ll get an idea of how it feels.

To tell the truth, there is nothing outstanding about this game, but still it is able to carry you away almost from the first seconds of play. From the first to the last cutscene, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward will keep you highly addicted. The total playing time is about 4 hours. In truth, the ending seemed to me a bit disappointing, but taking into account that it is not the last part of the series, and there definitely will be a continuation, it’s not so bad. In general, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward is much more exciting than the previous three parts, and it gives us hope that the fifth part will be even better. Enjoy!



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