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Mega World Smash game

Mega World Smash

Meet new Arcanoid game, where all kinds of weapons are great and useful! Mega World Smash is a fantastic and unforgettable adventure that offers you everything you need to win and become a hero! Use the weapons of mass destruction, upgrade bonuses by collecting stars and get more and more power after each level. Enjoy the action, 3D and dazzling effects and simply have fun! Hurry up and download Mega World Smash right now and totally for free, this game is breathtakingly great!




Mega World Smash is the Alawar’s absolute new view of classical arkanoid games. What did they do? Well, they took an ordinary brick-breaking gameplay and wrapped up this in three-dimensional graphics. Was this trick successful?.. Read more

Firstly, we were rather skeptical about Mega World Smash, and really doubted if this title would be able to stand out a little. We’ve dealt with 3D breakout games before, but it’s never impressed us very much; however this installment works perfectly because it turns a well-familiar genre into very unexpected ways. Although the plot is rather plain, it doesn’t a downside at all because good gameplay and actions are the most important fact there.

Fortunately, Mega World Smash is as fun and challenging as possible. It starts rather extraordinary with what you wouldn’t usually expect. The core playing is also full of surprises and unique features, which surely present the game in the most favorable light. There is a wide range of power ups and downs, the levels can become very hectic but never annoying or repetitive. The challenge is increasing as well, as new power ups and downs regularly appear, and the ball moves faster and faster.   

Some games fall down if the graphics feel wrong or are of a bad quality, but that’s not an problem in Mega World Smash. The artwork is very cute and polished, and 3D just add on positive game perception. The tropical setting of an amusement park looks probably a bit blatant but still pretty. The sound effects are also fine, the music background is brilliant, with a good choice of different soundtracks.

Finally, Mega World Smash is just about what you want to see and try in a challenging Arcade and Action game. Tons of really difficult levels and wonderful 3D world will give you several hours of fun and cheer. Enjoy!