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Mystery Valley game

Mystery Valley

Genre: Hidden Object

Have you ever wanted to try yourself as a FBI agent? Now you've got such a chance! It's in your hahds to discover a secret of Mystery Valley. An enigmatic Hidden Object game Mystery Valley is fraught with various hints that will help you join the links of the murders chain and reveal the causes of the mysteriuos events that take place in the Valley. Download Mystery Valley free to start the investigation. Lift the veil from the weird detached house... Find out, who stand behind.

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Mystery Valley is another hidden object game of no pretension. It seems like BigFishGames, the developer of this mediocre title, produced it just for the sake of appearance. Just for the purpose to show off, “Hey, guys! Do not forget about your humble servant, BigFishGames”. To our mind the creators should not waste their efforts for such a low-quality premise like the title under discussion... Read more

We cannot define Mystery Valley as a classical title because it is completely a hackneyed game. To start with, the plot follows of ordinary points: you are an FBI agent who is tracking down a murderer in an old house. Clichéd dialogues, standard hidden object scenes and innovative puzzles are involved into this game. There are not as many mini-games as you would expect from this genre, but there are long shop-lists of hidden items to search.

The average artwork makes hidden object puzzles hard to solve. Too dark illustrations and small items spoil this play. Though the music background supports spooky atmosphere of Mystery Valley, at times it abruptly stops. To crown it all, the gameplay itself and cut scenes are often disconnected   with each other. This fact only goes to show that this game was made in a rough-and-ready manner. Absence of any irritating bugs save this issue from our absolute ignorance. Still, there is no excuse for such outstanding developer as BigFishGames. They have enough facilities to delight us with something really worthy. All in all, if you are bored for lack of occupation, you can easily give it a try.