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Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim's Hook game

Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim's Hook

Genre: Hidden Object

Discover the new breathtaking Hidden Object game named Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim’s Hook. Find out whether you are brave enough to fight with evil that hides in the ocean. You are going to return to your childhood village which was cursed by dark forces. Strange things happen to the residents of Pilgrim’s Hook. Your twin brother lives there and he is in danger too. Save you twin brother from the terrible curse and reveal the secret of the ocean in the new gripping Hidden Object game. Download the terrific game Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim’s Hook right now and totally for free!

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It is known that twins are emotionally and spiritually tied with each other. Even if they become separated by distance or others obstacles, their connection will not weaken. This idea runs all through the new Hidden Object title made by creative team of Gunnar Games. It is called Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim’s Hook. The game seems to be very promising. Does it manage to deliver all the promises? We will try to find the answer in the following review... Read more

The biggest advantage of the game is its storyline. So, let us begin with it. Thirty four years ago twins were born in the coastal town called Pilgrim’s Hook. Everyone noted a striking resemblance between brother and sister. In spite of it, there was one thing that told the difference between them. It dealt with their attitude to the hometown. While brother, Arthur, liked the town very much, his sister, Vera, was dreaming of getting away from this place as far as possible. Became adult, their paths dispersed and each of them started a new life: Arthur stayed in Pilgrim’s Hook while Vera met with her dreams and left the hateful town forever. However, the past has found Vera after all these years. On their birthday, Arthur called Vera and begged for help. It seemed he got into a big trouble. No other choice was left for Vera, but making everything ready to come back to Pilgrim’s Hook. It was the only way to find out what happened there. The gameplay starts with Vera sailing a boat and reaching the shore of Pilgrim’s Hook. She had a cold welcome after landing. The town is infested by the unfriendly creatures of all kinds. Advancing through the solitary streets, she will encounter with unexplained things and come across the numerous areas where different actions must be performed. In order to navigate within this huge territories a jump optioned map is given. It is helpful: it indicates your current location and allows you to transfer your playable character from one position to another. This option eases finishing the incomplete areas. The new chapter of Small Town Terrors teems with hidden object scenes, puzzles and various adventure actions. HOS are interactive: to get a necessary item you must clean up the whole scene first. These items are given with an ulterior motive: you are able to perform different actions in the adventure sections with their help. There is a wide variety of puzzles: starting with simple and average and ending with complex and compound. Do not reckon on fast passing through puzzle section: some of them are really perplexing.

The graphic presentation deserves an appreciation. It is realistic and brisk. The required obscure setting is achieved by dark color gamut and perfectly matched sound effects. Musical score reflects the mood of the game in a perfect way. The most annoying thing refers to the sound effect that is meant to alarm you about the inventory updates. It is impossible to describe: it must be heard once. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with it or turn the sounds off.

It is time to summarize our review. What do we have in tote? In our opinion, Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim’s Hook can be easily placed among the top rated Hidden Object games. Why? Because it satisfies all criteria: the storyline is extremely captivating, HOS are smartly arranged, puzzles are different and enjoyable, adventure sections are well-developed. The gameplay will not disappoint even the experienced casual gamer. These are the characteristics of a high-quality game. Concerning the promises: all of them are kept. Great job, Gunnar Games!