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The Lost Kingdom Prophecy

The Kingdom of Rosefal is in a great danger! Balaak, the evil wizard, is going to destroy the kingdom using his dark powers! Help Serena and her friends prevent guileful plans of Balaak in a fantastic hidden object and match 3 game The Lost Kingdom Prophecy! You will go on an unbelievable journey where wonderful adventures are waiting for you! The fate of the Rosefal is in your hands! Are you ready to become a hero? Then start playing The Lost Kingdom Prophecy right now!

Title - The Lost Kingdom Prophecy Game Download for PC Description - Don't pass by The Lost Kingdom Prophecy, a Puzzle game built up by Seppia Interactive. Help Serena and her friends prevent guileful plans of Balaak!
The Lost Kingdom Prophecy game
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A new game under the title The Lost Kingdom Prophecy from Seppia Interactive boastfully introduced itself as a classical hidden object game. To our surprise very little of this title is actually looking for hidden items, but rather was stuck playing notorious match-3 games. And again we are grimly cheated. Well, it has already become a good old tradition to palm us a pig in a poke off... Read more

In fact we have nothing against match-three game but why the developers featured The Lost Kingdom Prophecy as a hidden object title. Is it anew marketing way? If so, it is revolting!  If I choose this hidden object title, it means that I prefer this very genre. Why should I play match-3 at all! It is beyond my grasp! If only there were truly hidden object tasks with some match-3 elements, this would have a chance. But there is no even a hint on it. The first scene begins with the task to put together items, the second offers the same challenge, the third goes on and the forth keeps this way.

The graphics is average bubbling with dark and vague colors. Extremely boring and irritating music background only aggravates poor position of this premise. It is useless to speak about twist as there is nothing of the kind. As for challenge, there are two difficulty modes: time and untimed. Honestly, they do not differ much from each other. Timed Mode is actually far from being stressful. You will always have enough time to complete one or another boringly predictable Match 3’s. There is no place pseudo-hidden-object game like The Lost Kingdom Prophecy in our library.

28, July 2010



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