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Triazzle Island

Genre: PuzzleJigsaw

Triazzle Island is really unique Puzzle game, which just absorbs by its intricate riddles and gorgeous graphics. Even if you are not a fan of Puzzle category, you can't but fall in love with Triazzle Island! You will find yourself on a mysterious ancient island, where you are to solve numerous conundrums and to cope with various obstacles. Exotic colorful locations and original complicated gameplay – what else do you need to have a great pastime with a computer game? Download Triazzle Island absolutely for free, because it is sure to make you excited and enthusiastic!

Title - Triazzle Island Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Here is Triazzle Island, a Puzzle game designed by Schell Games. Solve complex puzzles kept on the mysterious exotic island!




It’s not a denied matter that few projects of Puzzle category appear on the casual games market lately. Therefore Triazzle Island can become a real present for not only the fans of Puzzle genre, but for all the gamers in general. Tired of the recent games which are as like as two peas as if released from one conveyor, the players will be glad to try an absolutely fresh entertainment of another style... Read more

Just as you start playing Triazzle Island, you are struck by its gorgeous graphics which jump to your eyes first and foremost. But when you enter the gameplay, you are surprised in the same way. The gameplay is represented by solving various puzzles through several levels. As opposed to the other games of Puzzle category, Triazzle Island has got a cardinally new concept of the gameplay composition. The point is that even if you have exhausted the time limit, you don’t lose a level and don’t need to replay it. You just get different trophies for each overrun. Thus, you earn the gold award for completing a level for a set time, silver – for a slight time overspend, and you get bronze even though you’ve strained yourself to breaking point puzzling over. Such a structure of gameplay lets a player be motivated and interested in the game continuation.

As previously stated, the artwork of Triazzle Island is top-level indeed. The gaming boards are made in the shapes of different geometric figures and the combinations of animals are quite various. But backgrounds are the point which should be commended. Picturesque scenes of seashores, jungle forests and sea bottom are splendid making you feel the atmosphere of the tropical island in a very realistic way.

Therefore Triazzle Island can’t be missed or set aside to later. A player of any category – adult or child, veteran or beginner – will prize excellent quality of the game. It can hold a high position in your collection of downloadable games, and you will go back and back again to it.

12, August 2011



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