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Web of Deceit: Black Widow Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Reveal all the mysterious secrets in new incredible and exciting Hidden Object game Web of Deceit: Black Widow! Trapped in a strange city when the train stops, you face the black widow, wishing to realize her evil plans of revenge. You have to figure out what led to this outcome of events, so be brave and go on this unforgettable adventure! Collect the clues, the necessary items and uncover the secrets one by one. Download Web of Deceit: Black Widow right now and totally for free and save yourself from a web of lies! Best of luck!

Title - Web of Deceit: Black Widow Collector's Edition Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Set about Web of Deceit: Black Widow Collector's Edition, a Hidden Object game given by Blam! Games. Reveal the black widow's dark plans and stop her!




Have you ever thought of going on a quest to reveal many mysterious secrets that lie hidden in a strange city you have never been in? If this kind of thought has ever crossed your mind, then you should most certainly try out a brand new game coming from a relatively new game developing team called Blam! Games. This new Hidden Object game is named Web of Deceit: Black Widow and it will get you caught up in a web of intrigue and mystery that certainly has to do something with spiders! So, for all the lovers of spiders and good Hidden Object games, read this review to find more about this game!.. Read more

Web of Deceit: Black Widow is a single player Hidden Object game that certainly has some elements of Puzzle and Adventure games. The gameplay in this game is absolutely great, and it deserves all the praise. First of all, you start out by choosing one out of three possible difficulty settings: casual, advanced or hardcore. You are provided with many things which will help you out, if by any chance you get stuck: there is a hint button, which charges up quite fast, even on advanced level, there is a fast-travel map which lets you choose your destination and save some time, there is a journal with recent events to help you figure out your next move. Other than that, the game is full of beautifully designed Hidden Object scenes, some of them being interactive, most being text-based, which means you find objects listed. It is very good that not all of Hidden Object scenes are one after another; there are some puzzles and mini-games in between to shake things up. Puzzles and mini-games are beautifully done, most of them being insect-themed, which fits the game perfectly. There some old puzzles and mini-games, but there also some new, like the marble popper. The only slight problem with the gameplay is that sometimes you are not really aware of your objectives, as they are not clearly stated.

The storyline in Web of Deceit: Black Widow is another great feature, as it is relatively original and it keeps the attention of the player. If you download the free demo version, or purchase and play the full version, you will get to experience a story of a passenger on a steam train who encounters a young lady which has a problem, and before telling it to you, she gets kidnapped by an army of mechanical spiders! Soon after, the train is forced to stop, and you find nothing else left to do, but to help the young lady and to reveal the secret about the doom that is bound to happen to all citizens of Andville if you don’t help them! If you want to find out who is the Black Widow, what it has to do with the army of mechanical spiders, start playing this game right away!

Besides the great storyline and gameplay, this game should be praised for its graphics and music: everything is smooth and clear, vividly colored; the hidden objects are not lost in the background, scenes are beautifully arranged, and character models, although there are only few, are just perfect. Music is just great, there are sound options, and the themes fit the atmosphere in the game.

Web of Deceit: Black Widow certainly a Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game which you must try out, either in the free trial version, or by purchasing the full version. Why? Because this game is an absolute hit when it comes to its gameplay and storyline, or graphics and music! See it for yourself and enjoy!



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