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Wispa Forest game

Wispa Forest

Genre: Hidden Object

Wispa Forest is in great danger! Help young Wispa Liya find the source of threatening corruption by removing debris, collecting trinkets and defending the unique and incredibly beautiful flora and fauna of Wispa Forest! Travel together with Liya from her small village through the great Wispa Forest and the surrounding caves, marshes, mountains and towns!Enjoy this riveting hidden object adventure game with hand-drawn levels! Download «Wispa Forest» for free right now!




Looking for a crazy world? Step into Wispa Forest, a new bizarre hidden object title from Reflexive Entertainment. One brief look is enough to define this game as one of the strangest hidden object experience.  The differences from relative game issues are clear. In any case, no one will dare to say that this is all the same... Read more

Firstly, the artwork of Wispa Forest strikes your eyes with its softness and original watercolor style. It seems you   get into a coloring book for children. To tell you the truth, these graphics would perfectly illustrate the world-known story “Alica in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carrol. One this pleasant point deserves a storm of applauses. As for hidden object scenes they entertain players with their good challenging feature. Oh, yes, some items are too tiny and hardly ever visible on dark brown corners. But if you have decided to play hidden object game, you should be ready to these vague situation.

Wispa Forest has a very interesting hint system that is much different from ordinary one. Three kinds of hints let you drive the gameplay into a new way. Your missed clicks are penalized by a light cloud around the cursor, nothing worse that we had seen. The music was lust at the very beginning, but than you can hear only some forest sounds.

All in all, this is a graphically pleasant and captivating hidden object game that can win different praises. To our mind, the players divide into two gangs one those appreciate this title and those who   say, “Pshaw!”. Nevertheless, there are some distinct features, which really stand out.