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Cats Inc.

Three nice cats are starving badly. But somewhere there are delicious sausages in the new brain-teaser game Cats Inc. Can you help these kittens find food by solving clever puzzles? You have a small cat, a fat cat and a tall one. Mind that each of the cats has their own talents that will let you get through different hindrances and complete the physics-based puzzles. Download Cats Inc. totally free and save these pussy-cats from hungry feeling! Meow-meow!

Title - Cats Inc. Game Download for Mac Description - Don't miss Cats Inc., a Puzzle game made by AppMania. Help these three lovely but very hungry fluffy-balls find their food!
Cats Inc. game

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Not long ago we were absolutely sure that the puzzle game genre is the most static one. But thanks to AppMania’s great enthusiasm, we can see a re-birth of this fascinating genre. In Cats Inc. the developers offer an all-new style of puzzle game full of creative fancies... Read more

You jump into this puzzle with a clear confidence in its simplicity. You navigate three funny cats of different constitution (small, fat and tall) around 30 levels in an effort to solve clever puzzles and collect sausages. Each cat is notable for its own special ability that will help you complete different types of puzzles. According to game idea, you are to switch back and forth between cats to proceed through the gameplay. The pace of each level is fine by having only one or two tasks to accomplish you will never feel annoying in a stage.

However, the controls and interactions is the weakest point in Cats Inc. The movement of the felines is the most frustrating controls you might have ever tried. In fact, the cats can keep moving while you are already off the keyboard, and some other glitches. It is often pretty impossible to make cats jumping or landing exactly where you want.

Lacking in content but well designed, and in spite of its awkward controls, Cats Inc. is the best game to kill one or two hours of your free time. But for its clunky controls, the game can be easily called the most additive brain-teaser on casual game market. This family-friendly game will have a good future, if some issues are resolved. Enjoy!



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