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Enlightenus game


Genre: Hidden Object

Strange things are happening at the mansion of one famous writer, Edgar Lee. As a professional detective, you have to solve mysterious disappearance of his novels. Lee’s mansion was accidentally built on the entrance to the parallel world inhabited by elves. Probably that is where you need to look for solution of the problem! Explore the secret world of Enlightenus in this challenging hidden object game. Non-linear gameplay gives you all the freedom of actions. Entertaining puzzles and captivating plot of the Enlightenus game leave unforgettable impressions!

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for Windows

This game is also available for : iPad

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Enlightenus. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




Enlightenus from Blue Tea Games company is a hidden object game, where you have to investigate a case of missing novels. The mansion of the famous writer Edgar Lee has secret gates to another dimension. You should visit this dimension and find out who is stealing the novels... Read more

The game has a very interesting gameplay. Instead of looking for hidden objects from the list, you have to take objects from the List and put them into the right place, using various text clues. All the tasks are pretty easy in the game, but if you miss one item, the hint doesn’t say where you have to put it, so you will have to roam from one room to another and this process can last for hours. There is another irritating thing in the game: whenever you have to revisit the room you see that the game resets all the changes you’ve already made.

From time to time hidden object gameplay is diversified with logical mini-games. Most of them are very easy and don’t require any lots of thinking.

Despite all this small disadvantages, Enlightenus seems to be a very entertaining game. Interesting story is supported with polished graphics and good length of the gameplay. This is a must play game for all hidden object fans. Have a good time!

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 800 Mhz

RAM: 1024 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 166 MB