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Faded Reality game

Faded Reality

Genre: Hidden Object

Do you think that one day you will be able to reveal the secrets of the past? You should only decode your vision and find all necessary clues, which will help you to solve the mystery of the Faded Reality! In fact, in one famous clinic something strange happens with its patients and you should to restore the events of the past and prevent it in future! Download free new fantastic game Faded Reality and clear up the secrets of the sinister clinic!




At first sight the storyline of the new hidden object game “Faded Reality” by Big Fish Games looks quite interesting. It focuses on a woman who receives donated corneas in an operation begins having visions from the person who donated the corneas. But as usual the captivating plot is spoiled by the plain gameplay... Read more

“Faded Reality” is an ordinary hidden object game with cluttered backgrounds of stuff to search through. The search of letters of the alphabet in the scenes which must be used to complete words is probably the one added twist there. The gameplay itself is overly simplistic and uninspired. Some of the objects are very large and obvious, while others are too tiny and not at all fitting the clue. It made us use hint button again and again. If there could have been a real hint button, we would have been a horny-handed as we had to use hints for practically everything.

There are also many mini-games such as solitaire, matching colored shapes, placing lamps to light up an area, which can be skipped and should be skipped as they are very boring. Graphically, the scenes look pretty but hard on the eyes with those hidden items that are very small and practically invisible. The sound effects are well in “Faded Reality” but the music irritate so much that you cannot help but turn it off. We wonder if the developers were just focusing on new twists and not paying much attention to working out the game numerous issues. As you can see the result is pitiful. We are really sorry, but there are better “I-spy” games out there.