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Project Moonwalk game

Project Moonwalk

Make your own contribution to the most noticeable historical event in the new terrific Strategy & Simulation game Project Moonwalk. In this gripping game you will take part in the legendary Apollo 11 Mission. You will have the chance to play a role of the real astronaut because you will be launching rockets, walking on the Moon and even piloting the lunar lander. Enjoy the stunning graphics of the game which gives an impression of the real presence on the Moon. Download the wonderful Strategy & Simulation game Project Moonwalk right now and absolutely for free!



Can you name one of the most important historical events of the 20th century? It was the outer space conquest, of course. Since the ending of the World War II, relations between United States and Soviet Union have been tensed. It caused the so-called “Cold War”. During the arms race, the official circles of both Powers have fastened their eyes on previously unattainable area – space. So, the brand-new stage began named Space Race. Opponents tried to establish their supremacy in space by any means. After a chain of successful USSR’s achievements in launching an artificial satellite and travelling a first human into space, USA accepted the challenge and decided to give a response. The Moon became the new target for NASA. Team of developers, called themselves Project Whitecard, decided to make a survey of this event within their new simulator named Project Moonwalk. Join us in our journey to the Moon!.. Read more

As it has mentioned above, this game is meant to overview the landing on the Moon in 1969. The game starts with the cutscene describing the launching of the USSR’s first artificial satellite. Right after that, U.S. President Kennedy informs Americans about the new objective – the Moon. You are a member of the Apollo 11. You will face an exhausting training course, but there is no other way to become a qualified astronaut. Discipline includes both exercise stress and educational issue. An ignorance about the key moments in space conquest eliminates with the help of special quiz that is presented in the form of multiple choice questions. The experience gaps are deleted by means of a practice routine. These are the features the whole gameplay consists of. In order to proceed to the practical exercises, you need to complete the short quiz first. Do not worry: even if you give a wrong answer, you will be returned to the failed question until the right answer will be chosen. In other words, you can click anywhere – you will hit right sooner or later. The practice starts right after successful passing through a theory section. In practice, you will be taught to fuel and launch the rocket and to operate the lunar module. These are tricky: incorrect calculations as well as careless movements may result in accident and failure. However, the number of attempts is unlimited, so, you can crash and burn as many vehicles as you want. In addition to that, the classic centrifuge test is added. You will get the access to the mission after completing the entire training course. The Apollo’s mission includes launching the rocket, going into orbit of the Moon, landing the lunar module on the surface, historic flag planting, performing some experiments, collecting the rock samples and, finally, returning to Earth.

The graphic presentation is the key feature of this title. It is based on Unreal Engine and promised to perform a high definition textures and models. Also, the numerous sources lavish a praise on 3D effects. In actual fact, the praised high features turn out to be average. Lunar environment as well as the surface of Earth look really great, but it seems that something is missing. Vehicles models look flaw designed. The movements of the astronauts are wooden and devoid of expression. In tote, the graphics can be characterized as outdated. Fortunately, voiceovers are beyond the praise: radio talks sound in the right way and the background music perfectly suits.

In the upshot, Project Moonwalk fails to justify hopes. Mostly, the reason deals with archaic Unreal Engine. The modern graphics are able to create the virtual reality that equals the real-life environment. Unfortunately, Project Moonwalk is behind the times. However, if you are not going to expect too much from it, you will like this simulator.

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

CPU: 1.2 GHz

RAM: 256 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 1507 MB