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The Fall Trilogy game

The Fall Trilogy

Genre: Hidden Object

In a new adventure game series called The Fall Trilogy you find yourself in some sort of ancient ruin with absolutely no ideas of how you got there or who you are. What you do know, though, is that you want to get out. So you are to search for hidden items that can bring to light some clues to your life. Plenty of mysteries to solve and curious tasks of The Fall Trilogy will keep you in suspense up to the end.




Thanks to Kheops Studio that gives us The Fall Trilogy game, we can say that hidden object genre is still developing. This new point-and-click title looks to be rather promising and solid new adventure series... Read more

The developers tried hard to make the storyline intriguing. Thus the main hero finds himself somewhere in a God-forsaken place with no ideas of how he got there or who he is. As you have already guessed your task is to help him to find the way out, solving different puzzles and mini-games. It is worthwhile noting that most inventory puzzles are challenging and not easy as it may seem. In spite of every scene is drawn splendidly with great zeal and accuracy, the items are well hidden in The Fall Trilogy.

Still the game has a lot of visual clues, as certain objects will sparkle and glow, making it much clear that you should pay attention to them. The set of reloading hints is also useful in cases when you are at a loss to find one or another object. Honestly, some items or mini-games are irrelevant to the title but this drawback is smoothed by the fine plot with great visuals. Many puzzles also give you the option to select an easy mode, which solves part of the puzzle for you. This feature helps escape awkward situations of The Fall Trilogy, but may also make the game feel a bit too easy for more experienced players.

While we can chat about all pros and cons of the issue, the chapter one of The Fall Trilogy is definitely an important contribution to the hidden object genre.