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Alien Hallway game

Alien Hallway

Our planet is in danger! The extraterrestrial invaders are already around the corner! They are going to enslave the Earth! Play Alien Hallway and place yourself at the head of the earthmen. The fate of the whole humanity depends on you! Rise to their defense destroying the troops of the warlike aliens. Get upgrades to fortify your army and make your way through the numerous forces of the nonearthy enemy! Download Alien Hallway absolutely for free and hurry up until your planet is captured!




The developers of Alien Hallway, Sigma Team, specialize mostly in Shooters. This time they have decided to depart from their habitual molds by developing their recent title. However, don’t let the unlike title get your hopes up, because Alien Hallway remains a Shooter basically and demands a little strategy. In fact, there is nothing but clicking, and you don’t need to bend your brain thinking over your strategical steps... Read more

The main game challenge is to resist the extraterrestrial invaders intending to commandeer your military bases. Actually, that’s all concerning the storyline of Alien Hallway. The battlefields in the game are nothing more than long hallways (see the title!), and the aliens are continually teleporting through them. When a teleporter is repulsed, you get down to the next game level. Of course, you must fortify your army and harvest energy and upgrades, otherwise the alien troops will overpower you. Thus the gameplay resolves into regular pointing and clicking and demands little intension to manage the controls.

The graphical art of Alien Hallway can be described from two points of view. On the one hand, the hallways which are the only game locations are too linear and repetitive. With such a number of levels to pass, there are only three main backgrounds. Do you agree that it’s more than boring? On the other hand, character modeling is worked through much better. Both aliens and your soldiers are animated well enough and look quite impressive. There are even some funny characters, such as the baby aliens crawling balefully towards you. Well, let it be the characters at least to speak well for the game.

There is not much room to grumble at the music in Alien Hallway. It is a bit too dramatic at times, which can be more appropriate for an Action game. But this is not the problem with the game perception though. The sound effects of death and weapons are mostly duplicate, thus intensifying the sense of the gameplay sameness.

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.0 GHz

RAM: 1024 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 106 MB