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Beware Planet Earth! game

Beware Planet Earth!

Start an exciting fight in the new Action game Beware Planet Earth!. Our planet is in great danger because the Martians are willing to invade our home and steal one of its most treasured resources cows. Fortunately you possess the diverse arsenal and it will be not a problem for you to defeat the nimble Martians. Try to attack them before they conquer your machines. Don’t let the Martians to deprive our planet of milk. Download this gripping Shooting game right now and absolutely for free.




What comes to your mind first, when you are asked about the Martians? We guess, you imagine them as a hostile alien race aimed to enslave the Mother Earth. Thanks to the various science fiction movies, for sure! Whether you like it or not, the developers’ team of Lightmare Studio decides to use this martians-are-creepy-aliens cliche in their new strategy tower defense named Beware Planet Earth! However, you are mistaken, if you suppose this game belongs to a horror genre. It is a funny-styled title, which is aimed to entertain a wide group of people. Does the Lightmare Studio actually achieve this aim? Let us try to answer this question within the following review... Read more

Often, this kind of game is indicated by poor and silly storyline. The plot of Beware Planet Earth! is not a masterpiece, of course. It will never have pretensions of some kind of likelihood. Do not forget it is some sort of entertaining title. So, the storyline is simple and catching at the same time. The game introduces us to Barney the farmer who owns a dairy-farm. Barney is proud of the milk cows. They produce the remarkable milk the whole town is fond of. Not only villagers praise the cows, but the insidious Martians too! They are going to steal the whole herd! So, the invasion begins! Unfortunately, Barney finds himself locked inside a toilet at the moment. Now, it is our duty to save the cows! What could be set off against the superior opponent? Only the marvels of mechanical ingenuity made by Barney the jack-of-all-trades! He has made it just in case. It is a high time for all these devices!

Your task is to protect the herd of cows by means of Barney’s special “anti-martian” kit. Place the weapons along the way of martians in order to stop them before they reach the cows. This path is always twisted. A considered strategy must be applied. You need to figure out the most advantageous spots for a weaponry placing. Right from the start you are given a few cog factories and kegs, which are used as a turrets. Later, more factories become available and the force of your defense will increase. In addition to that, you will get the real spoil of war – martian Zipper. It is able to turn anything into a dust! Do not forget to cool it in order to extend its longevity! We are big believers it is all that is left of a first martian wave. It is not the end, obviously. The ultimate battle is ahead! The new kinds of weapon become unlocked as well. Remember: the different types of enemies require the special weapons to be applied! There are 18 types of martians represented in the game. Among them you will see the scientists, spies, zombie-martians and even ninjas. All of them differ from each other in many ways: strength, behaviour, abilities. In general, the unique pieces of Barney’s work are consist of improvised material. The list of devices includes the fridge, rocket launcher made of BBQ, gas stations with the flamethrowers, various traps, etc. Only the practice will show the best methods of mopping-up!

Graphics and soundtrack are changeable and depend on a current season. As it has already been mentioned, the whole style gravitates towards animated film. This fact also affects on the graphics. The enemies and, of course, cows are depicted as a cartoon characters. Locations are portrayed in the same way. The music is unobtrusive and placed in the background. Sounds of the characters are poorly expressed. The Martians might be more talkative. Generally, video and audio aspects are well managed.

In closing, we are able to say the game Beware Planet Earth! is definitely worth playing. To be honest, the genre obtains nothing new with this game. Despite this fact, the described title is able to get an appreciation. The gameplay and storyline are suitable for the people of all ages. Moreover, it fulfils the entertaining function in a perfect way. That is what the games are made for.