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Nevertales: Shattered Image

Genre: Hidden Object

Your daughter, Alice, has grown up to be a talented young girl – unlike other Travelers, she has a rare gift that allows her to open portals using reflective surfaces, not just books. But when a mysterious mirror-hopping monster suddenly appears through one of the portals and kidnaps Alice, the entire world starts splitting apart at the seams. Strange quakes rock the earth, and huge chasms appear out of nowhere. Now you must use your own powers to travel into Book-worlds and find the source of the trouble. Can you rescue Alice and save Taleworld before it falls apart? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Title - Nevertales: Shattered Image Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Set about Nevertales: Shattered Image, a Hidden Object game elaborated by Mad Head Games. Can you rescue Alice and save Taleworld before it falls apart?
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Nevertales: The Beauty Within was one of the most popular and the most awarded casual pc game of 2013. Everyone was waiting for the sequel and only year later Nevertales: Shattered Image saw the light. Developers from Mad Head Games decided to continue the old story, so here you meet the same characters but with new problems. But unfortunately they were new only for the characters, because for us there was nothing we haven’t seen before in free pc games. .. Read more

So, we meet the main character and his daughter Alice who grew up and became a professional traveler. Sadly, this job played bad joke with her and she got trapped inside the unknown TaleWorld. As you can guess your mission here is to rescue Alice. We don’t find this story exciting or creative or unique. But despite that some cool elements like Travelers or Book-Worlds and a great backstory make this hidden object adventure very interesting. Despite the fact that the plot is kind of weak and boring, we appreciated the cool graphics and remarkable soundtrack. Locations are drawn very beautifully, the most gorgeous was the castle scene. Intros and cutscenes are also done very professionally. Soundtrack is simply great, melodies are pleasant and fit the storyline and the mood of the game perfectly.

In terms of gameplay Shattered Image is a very interactive game, it’s full of clever and innovative puzzles and various mini-games, for example jigsaw games, match the pairs or memory games. Hidden object scenes are interactive as well and locations are fun to explore. Everything is almost perfect, we just wish the level of challenge was a little bit higher. Bonus chapter is amazing, it added almost another hour to the game, and the collector’s edition content is pretty much satisfying as well.

All on all, this free hidden object game for computers has great production and interactive gameplay, but the storyline is its weak spot. Anyway this is not the movie so you can still download game for free on your computer and spend your best time with it.

8, September 2015


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